The start of the partnership…

Ian Heads (right), Director of Kingfisher Visitor Guides, and Ian Sinclair (left), Director of Kingfisher Utilities, have known each other since 1992. They started working together at Kemps publishing, when they were both in their early 20s.

Both Ians have pursued careers in sales, with Ian Heads staying in advertising and Ian Sinclair migrating into Energy.

Ian Heads and Ian Sinclair have remained friends over the years and have still retained close ties after almost 30 years. ”We have often talked about working together” said Ian Heads “As a result of the pandemic it made me realise, that there is more to life than just work and that relationships and quality of life are the most important things, and that was the deciding factor for us both to step into business together”.  Ian Sinclair added “We are friends but apart from sharing first names we are similar characters; we are both still full of fun and looking for enjoyment in life and this is a fantastic opportunity for me to work with such a strong brand alongside my mate Ian”

Kingfisher Media are extending their company and setting up a utilities company, offering consultancy services on the procurement of Gas and Electricity along with audits to reduce Carbon Footprint and ultimately their Energy bills.